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The Nutrition Awareness Index 2023 brings forth an indicator of the country’s nutritional status

The Nutrition Awareness Index is based on three important levers:

Those aware and with access to nutrient sources might not be able to afford the same. 810 million people in India are being provided food through the public distribution system.

Creating a balanced diet requires understanding of the proportions of various nutrients that need to be consumed daily. A citizen should also know the source of these nutrients.

Even if Indians are aware of their nutritional needs and sources for the nutrients, they may not always have access to these sources. The urban working class may not get enough time to prepare and eat meals and may find it easier to order in food or eat at outside eateries.

Key Findings

A balanced diet is key to good overall health, increased productivity, and protection from illness. A balanced diet should consist of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals in appropriate proportions.


Overall index of top 20 Indian States
basis their nutritional Awareness, Access-Affordability




Andhra Pradesh 90 85 91
Assam 105 109 104
Bihar 90 70 94
Chhattisgarh 103 72 108
Delhi 107 122 105
Gujarat 94 68 99
Haryana 99 98 99
Jharkhand 97 87 99
Karnataka 109 117 107
Kerala 103 131 98
Madhya Pradesh 102 100 102
Maharashtra 102 114 100
Odisha 97 97 97
Punjab 111 124 109
Rajasthan 92 79 95
Tamil Nadu 94 80 96
Telangana 103 91 106
Uttar Pradesh 104 116 102
Uttarakhand 106 106 105
West Bengal 97 97 97

State with the highest nutrition index score

State with the lowest nutrition index score

State with the overall nutrition index score

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